Bingo Blitz secrets: My personal tips and recommendations

Bingo Blitz secrets

Bingo Blitz is an amazing IOS and Android game. If you’ve been on this website, you know that we are the best reputable source for Bingo Blitz free credits.

Within the game, and playing it for over a year consistently now, we have found some Bingo Blitz secrets that you may be interested in. These secrets are things we have found on game forums and platforms where other gaming communities chat together.

These are working as of now, so there shouldn’t be any bearings on these secrets not working.

I’ll begin immediately as these are top secrets you don’t want to miss out on.  Here are 3 things we’ll be covering in this guide.

  1. Extra coins
  2. Increase your level

Extra coins:

In the game, you could do with gaining extra coins as it offers an advantage in the game. However, getting these coins are not easy so you’ll need to do something in order to get them.

Well we’ve found that there’s a way to get free coins in this game (and we mean a LOT), by simply playing a mini game in Bingo Blitz. In the slot machine room, there’s a reel you could use with scatter symbols on them. If you somehow manage to get 3 of these symbols, you unlock a little mini game as well as win a collectors item.

The mini game is straightforward. It’s a memory match where you have to match all the prizes together, but you have to avoid the X’s in the game. If you match all of the prizes, you win a lot of coins in the game.

Increase your level

We all know the main focus of the game after playing for a while is that you have to increase your level to enjoy the game and its many rewards. However, it’s quite difficult to boost your in game level in Bingo blitz.

So how do you manage to increase your level? In it’s simplest form, you increase your XP and gain this throughout your experience on the game. There is a limit to what level you can become in the game as it goes up to 120.

Just get the level up rewards, boost your XP, unlock new content, and new rooms such as Madrid, and Honk Kong, and you should go up to increasing your levels with the game.

That’s all in this article, we hope you found this to be great content as we spend a lot of time focusing on making sure the content you read is 100% factual, and works. Comment below with your thoughts, as well as your very own Bingo blitz secrets and we’ll update this post with your secrets, at the end of each month.

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  1. Amazing tips man. Appreciate it, honestly. I’ve been playing Bingo Bash for years now but haven’t really focused on getting my level up. I will be trying this out now.

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