Bingo Blitz Free Credits – 100% working glitch

Bingo blitz free credits: Simple guide to getting unlimited credits in the game

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Bingo Blitz is an extremely addictive game which over 1 million people around the world play. The game boasts a huge following on social media and generates a lot of traction on YouTube. The game allows you to go around the world and enjoy real-time multiplayer features where you play other users in Bingo. You can power up your bingo slots and get coins, rewards, and Bingo blitz free credits.

However, there is a limitation in the game. It’s free to play BUT there are in game app purchases which users can buy in order to keep progressing in the game to level up. This may not be something everyone can capitalise on because not everyone can spend money purchasing in-app purchases. That begs the question. Where can I get free Bingo blitz free credits?

That’s where comes in.

We’ve worked hard over the last 18 months in order to come up with the best algorithm to get bingo blitz free credits. This took us a while to make, but we hope you enjoy Bingo Blitz as a result of this free website where you can get free credits in the game.

Unlike other websites offering Bingo Blitz free credits, we don’t ask users to share posts, access permissions on social media to get a measly 100 free in game credits etc. We don’t benefit at all from this financially. We wanted to create a free platform where users don’t have to deal with app purchases and wasting money on a game, when it is entirely possible to do it all without any money.

Why we created the Bingo blitz free credits generator

We here at found in our best interest to support the fans of Bingo Blitz. When we found out that the game app is literally a pay to play app which requires you to purchase Bingo blitz free credits to even enjoy the game, we decided to find the game’s weakness in the coding of the game when it was introduced. Our code exploit the server at Bingo Blitz and managed to decrypt a virtually unlimited number of Bingo Blitz free credits.

Bear in mind that while this is going on, the maker of the game, GSN is trying to get this exploit patched meaning it’s possible that this method may not work 6 weeks from now.  This means that if you want your free bingo blitz credits, you should take advantage now by clicking the button above ASAP.

How to use the Bingo blitz free credits glitch?

We made sure to make the generator as easy to use as possible. This is to ensure that anyone can use it when accessed, without having to rely on shabby methods of liking social media posts etc.

In order to use the Bingo blitz free credits glitch, follow the steps provided below.

  1. Click the big red button above to take you to the generator page
  2. Fill out the form by adding the amount of bingo blitz free credits you would like to receive
  3. Add your Facebook ID/Username
  4. Hit the generate button

This is an incredibly easy method of getting your free credits. In as little as 4 steps, you could access unlimited credits in the Bingo Blitz app. Make sure to follow the steps properly.

How does the Bingo blitz free credits glitch work?

The glitch works because of a modification we made to the apps credit system. The app is limited to the amount of credits they send out per user when needed, but during beta launch, there was a loophole which our coders capitalized on in order to take advantage of the free credits you can get.

That’s the simplest way of explaining it without going into technical jargon which include words like FTP, HTTPS, frameworks etc.